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Our References

Coho Communications Ltd has been helping commercial and residential clients across Vancouver Island since 1991. Check out our list of past clients, including some of the property managers and general contractors we’ve had the pleasure of working with over the years. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

Property Managers

  • AWM Alliance
  • Brown Bros Agencies
  • Cornerstone Properties
  • Devon Properties
  • Dutton Property Management & Boutique Real Estate Sales
  • EY Properties Ltd.
  • Firm Management Corporation
  • Gateway Property Management
  • Gibraltar Management Ltd
  • Hutton Condominium Services Ltd.
  • Itziar Management 
  • Pemberton Holmes
  • Proline Management Ltd.
  • TPM Properties


  • Campbell Construction
  • Canpro Construction 
  • Durwest Construction Management Inc. 
  • The Farmer Group 
  • Homewood Constructors Ltd. 
  • Kang & Gill Construction Ltd. 
  • Kinetic Construction Ltd.
  • Michael Knight Construction LTD
  • Mike Geric Construction
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